Our Story

Family Owned and Operated Since 1970

In 1964 I joined the Lansing Fire Department, but as our family grew, my salary became insufficient for our needs. So we looked for a business we could do part time, and carpet cleaning was a good fit since we could schedule appointments around my hours, my wife could work with me three days a week, and with five children plus a dog, we always had carpet and furniture that needed cleaning.

1970 was the perfect time to enter the carpet cleaning business be­cause steam cleaning (hot water extraction) was just beginning, replacing shampoo as the primary method of cleaning carpet. We cleaned part time until 1990, and when I retired from the Fire Department we began cleaning full time.

In 1999 I lost my wife to cancer and did not want to continue cleaning without her. Luckily my two youngest children were interested in the business. Today, Kevin and Annie own the business and do most of the cleaning. I fill in when needed and other family members help when the larger jobs require additional workers.

Much has changed through the years. Every year brings new advances in cleaners, spotters, tools and equipment. Today we can get your carpet cleaner, dry it faster, and have it stay clean longer than ever before. We take pride in our work and spare no expense to bring you the most advanced cleaning available today.

Thank you for your consideration,
Don Pricco

Through The Years...